Thursday, October 19, 2006

Murray Trac

The little girl doesn't seem very enthused to be sitting on this great Murray pedal tractor. I had one similar to it when I was a kid. I love the metal porch chair as well the folding chairs complete with beer bottles under them! The photo is from the 1950's.


Anonymous Denise said...

Funny...when my dad was taking me to get a scooter, I saw a tractor very similar to this and THAT is what I wanted! Alas. NO! You are getting the scooter or nothing..GOT IT? AND DON'T YOU CRY! (Which made it MUCH harder NOT to cry!) Eh..anyway..what would I have done with a tractor in low income housing? Plant a garden in the field out back? I would have been the happy girl!

9:45 PM, October 29, 2006  

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